Advantages And Disadvantages Of Going To Court

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To solve any case there are many options for the person to opt for, as the legal settlements can take form of settling the matter through the courts or out of court settlements. Therefore both the procedures are different as for example if the person takes the case to the court they will have to follow the norms and values of the court and the out of court settlement involves the process of arbitration, mediation, reconciliation or ombudsman. It depends on the person bringing the case as to what procedure they want to follow as some might opt for court appearances in frankston or other might prefer out of court settlement. There are several advantages and disadvantages of court appearance and the following are mentioned below,


1) The court system follows a set of rules and regulations as the case which is brought in the court has to follow the procedure prescribed by the court. The lawyer hired will be able to put up facts about the case in front of the judge and the lawyer hired will try their level best to tackle any challenge appearing in the court by the other party.

2) Secondly you will be able to hire a lawyer who will take your case to present in the court. The procedure will be known to him and it will be easier for you as the only task of yours will be to disclose all the information to your lawyer and then the rest of the work will be done by them. Our lawyers are trained to perform their best as they have the vast knowledge about the law and with their amazing  creativity and legal skills they will do everything to provide justice.

3) The judgement provided by the jury will be impartial, unbiased and will automatically do justice. The party will be able to get bigger award, damages or compensation if the judgement is given in their favour.


1) By going to court the procedure will bring a lot of tension and stress to you and your family members. The time and energy involved in searching for the lawyer and then dealing with the expenses of lawyers fees and the court fees can be quite expensive. Going to court can be hectic and exhausting as the court can call you in the court and you will have to appear in the court.

2) As everyone does not want to settle their disputes in the court or would want court appearances or in public and rather want to opt for a private or out of court settlement solution to solve their disputes. For example people would want to go for mediation or arbitration that they will have a mediator and will be able to settle their disputes privately.

3) The parties will be able to resolve their dispute together like they can tell their problems to each other and face to face they can agree on the terms and conditions and what conclusion should be reached.

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